File Conversion / Data Wrangling / Rushes Upload

Using our HP Z series and Apple workstations, leveraging software solutions such as Procoder, Sorenson Squeeze, Adobe Media Converter, Avid, Davinci and Final cut pro software solutions, we can transcode almost any file format (4K+ to WMV) for the edit, playout to a tape, or complete re-versioning for onward delivery to Broadcast or web.

We can leverage hardware solutions where necessary if your project requires it.

We have an in house file transffer service for rapid, secure asset movement between us and our clients.

We also undertake re-versioning of assets or simply assembling, sorting and backing up data on a project by project basis.

If you are shooting on location and require rushes upload we can provide this facility via our high speed leased line link.


For further informtion or help, please feel free to contact us.

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