Wild China with Ray Mears

ITV - 7 x 30 minutes  4K UHD - 2021

Ray Mears explores seven very different Chinese landscapes including lush rainforest, high plateaus, limestone karsts and dramatic mountains. He discovers the awesome wildlife that thrives there, like pandas and snow leopards alongside playful animals like snub-nosed monkeys and orphaned baby Asian elephants.  Along the way Ray discovers the close relationship that local people have with the land.

His adventure starts in one of the world’s greenest cities Beijing! He meets the city’s raptor rescue team before exploring The Great Wall of China where he discovers plans to return wild leopards to the region. Ray next explores China’s tropical jungle at Xishuangbanna in Yunnan province. Alongside sun birds and golden orb spiders Ray discovers China’s largest animal – the wild Asian Elephant – and the efforts being made to re-wild rescued elephants. In Qinghai Province Ray meets the yak herders and tracks snow leopards across the Tibetan plateau.  He discovers playful Pikas in the grasslands before discovering the Brown Bears of Shungu monastery. At China’s world famous Panda Research and Conservation Centre Ray meets the team behind the Giant Panda re-wilding programme, and tracks radio collared pandas through the remote cloud forests of Longxi Hongkou National Park.In the penultimat episode Ray follows the Li river through the karst landscape of Guanxi Province, discovering fishing with cormorants and the spectacular caves below ground.  Finally, in Shangri-La in Yunnan province, Ray discovers snub nosed monkeys in Baimaxueshan Nature Reserve before visiting the remote village of Tongle where local medicine men share their plant hunting secrets.


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