The Wild Landscapes of China

ITV GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT - 2 x 42 minutes 4K UHD - 2021
The wild Landscapes of Chinna explores China’s most iconic landscapes from the grasslands of the Tibetan plateau to the tropical jungles of Southern Yunnan. It reveals the secrets of China’s cloud forests, snow-swept mountains and the green valleys of Shangri La. Even China’s capital city, Beijing and the Great Wall of China have a wildlife story to tell.

On the ground we discover many of China’s most famous wildlife species like giant pandas, and rare snow leopards alongside engaging species like Yunnan’s snub nosed monkeys, wild Asian elephants, pikas and extraordinary birds from Crimson Sun Birds to Himalayan Griffon Vultures

Episode 1:  Cloud Forest, Jungle and the Karst

We discover the cloud forest home of China’s wild Giant Pandas. At China’s Panda Research and Conservation Centre we meet some of the new baby panda cubs.

Shangri La is another of China’s mountain kingdoms and home to Yunnan’s playful snub nosed monkey. In China’s Amazon the tropical jungle is alive with life from tiny Crimson Sun Birds to China’s largest animal – the wild Asian Elephant. We discover the work of Xishuangbanna Elephant Rescue Centre.

In the classic karst hills of Guanxi Province we witness the skills of the cormorant fishermen before following the Li underground into a magnificent subterranean world.

Episode 2: Beijing, The Great Wall and the Tibetan Plateau

Beijing is one of the world’s greenest cities. We explore the work of the city’s Raptor Rescue Centre. Close by, along a wild stretch of The Great Wall of China, we discover some rare wildlife including the North China Leopard. We explore the high grasslands of the Tibetan Plateau, home to yak herders, playful Pika and cunning Tibetan Fox.   At Shungu monastery there is a thrilling close up encounter with wild Brown bears who are regular dinner guests. In the aptly named Valley of the Cats, we discover one of the world’s most majestic and elusive cats – the Snow Leopard.

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