BBC2 - 3 x 30 minutes - 2015

Ex boy band rapper Abz Love and his girlfriend Vicky Fallon decide to swap city life for a smallholding in Wales - but with no money and even less farming experience how will they achieve their green dream? This three part series follows these enthusiastic novice farmers over their first farming year as they purchase a small-holding in Carmarthenshire and embark on an off-grid lifestyle.

Cracking real life comedy (Daily Telegraph) Hilarious and brilliant (Guardian) It is TV Gold (The Sun) Abz Love has a show about farming and it’s actually brilliant (Radio Times) I’m Obsessed with Abz Love’s farming show (Radio 1 DJ Matt Edmondson). A docu-soap master class shifting artfully from its premise of Grand Designs meets the Good Life to something far more warm-hearted and sympathetic about the gap between our dreams of escape and economic reality (The Sunday Times) Dream v reality, town v country, glamour v galoshes, entertaining and as fresh as a cowpat (The Times).

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